Hello! My name is Allie, welcome to my blog! I'm an inspiring Christian doll blogger, who is looking to change the world one step at a time! I love crafting, cooking, reading, sweet tea, photography, and writing. You can always find me on Instagram and Pinterest or cuddled up on my bed, reading my Bible with my dog, Ellie.

This blog is about fashion, walking with the Lord, dolls, crafting, and cooking.

I also have a blog named Spreading My Joy, a personal blog, and a joint blog.

Fun Facts about Me

Favorite movie: Dolphin Tale 2
Favorite songs: Alive by Natalie Grant, No Filter by 1 Girl Nation, and Come Alive by Lauren Daigle
Favorite TV Shows: Girl Meets World, and Bringing Up Bates
Favorite Foods: Grapes, cheese, and cupcakes!
Favorite Snack: (I eat this all the time!) Pretzels with ranch dressing, and dried cherries
Favorite Holiday: Christmas (of course!)
Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday or Sunday
Favorite Season: Spring or Fall
Favorite Animal: I like dogs and monkeys!

I play the piano
I have a twin
I love photography! I actually took all of the photos above.

Thanks for reading this page and visiting my blog!


  1. Ooh! I love grapes and dogs as well. Do you have a dog?
    -Elsa :)

    1. Yes, my dog is Ellie.

      Allie D.

    2. Yeah, I'm kinda dumb I totally missed that part were you said you had a dog :/ :P


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